SEL 1B Self-awareness , Personal Traits


11-12: Develop confidence based on an accurate self assessment of strengths, analyze how these strengths help you to contribute to others.

Forum Segment Two: Strengths Assessment


K-2: identify likes and dislikes; name something they do well and something they could improve

3-5: describe personal traits that contribute to success as well as areas they can improve


Self-reflection leads to self-improvement. Often times, we are unaware of the things that we do well and very clear about the things we struggle with. The human mind trends toward the negative, meaning that we fixate on challenges and have to work at recognizing what we do well. Once we give ourselves the opportunity to reflect on what we do well, we can use that to better others.

When you consider the developmental stages from unit one, you can see that the wording is adjusted for what the age is capable of understanding. As the student grows, the ego centrism will fade and they will develop an awareness of how their personal traits can be used to build others.

Don't just tell them what they are good at, show them. Point out how well they make mistakes and learn from them. Don't just point out the 100%, point out how hard they worked for the 80%. They hear you, and need to know that GROWTH is even more important than perfection.

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