SEL 1D: Students have a sense of personal responsibility


(11-12) Students can describe knowledge and skills they have and can use their role as a responsible citizen to improve the community.

Forum Segment 10: Reflecting on Motivation (Students will design activities that teach intrinsic motivation strategies while connecting to real world case studies.)

SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT: Completion Day Saturday, March 28th


(K-2) Recognize that there are positive and negative consequences for their choices and actions.

(3-5) Define what it means to be responsible and can identify things for which they are responsible; explain the benefits of community responsibility.

Elementary Strategies:

Kids love recognition! In light of the video lesson above, think of ways that you can see recognition (Classroom environment) in your placement schools. Student work on the walls, star student of the week, good behavior recognition, honor roll, etc...

Carry around some stickers with you, or small recognition papers for recognizing the kids. Possibilities are endless; could be for helping a friend, doing well on an assignment, or following the rules.