SEL 3B: Social Awareness; Personal Responsibility/Contributions


(11-12) Participate in practices that show they are agents for change in their own lives as well as in their communities. Analyze their contributions as involved student citizens in the academic as well as the social settings.

Forum open discussion: How do you handle stress? Stress is inevitable, so you must learn to utilize it in a way that will harbor success in your current academic and social setting.


(K-2) Students will be able to recognize and label the symptoms of stress/anxiety in the body.

(3-5) Students will be able to recognize the signs of stress, as well as how their mind reacts to stressful situations; noting self-talk as well as the reactions of others.

Elementary strategies:

According to Lawrence Cohen author of "The Drama of the Anxious Child", childhood anxiety is up over 25% in the last year alone; reasons included but are not limited to pressure to perform, make-or-break testing, bullying, and economic hardship (UnSelfie).

As the mentor, it is important that you recognize what this feels like not just in yourself, but at the levels of elementary students that you are working with. Here are some suggestions on how to react when your students are exhibiting these behaviors.

1. Model Calmness- last scientific finding show that your actions really do speak louder than your words. When the students are upset, be aware of your facial expressions, the words you choose, and the tone of your voice. Having a sounding board that does not mirror the anxiety they are feeling will help them to navigate through the stress hormones that are causing unsettling feelings.

2. Help them identify what their bodies are doing to tell them they feel stressed. For me, I feel it in my gut first and then I can get a bit shaky. If I recognize it before it spirals, I can often pull myself out of the negative train of thought.

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