SEL 4A: Relationship skills and communication


(11-12) Use assertive communication to get their needs met without negatively impacting others; Empower, encourage, and affirm others through their interactions.

Forum: Segment 7 Classroom management and guidance


(K-2) Students will pay attention to others when they are speaking and identify ways in which to do that.

(3-5) Students will use attentive listening skills and demonstrate cooperative behaviors in a group.

Elementary Strategies:

We listen without thinking about what listening looks like. If we are honest with ourselves, we may not really listen that well. Adults tend to worry about what they will say as soon as the conversation goes quiet, rendering listening impossible. Quiet is good, and allowing the person you are in the conversation with to finish their thought and giving yourself time to process it when they are done speaking strengthens the communication. Kids do this naturally, but helping them understand what listening looks like solidifies the habit!

Use the empathy tricks from the workbook if you're helping them work through conflict. Guide the conversation and help them find the appropriate words. Think of it like a "mad libs", they want the same outcome but are using different paths to achieve it. If you can get the kids on the same path by having them "fill in the blanks", you will successfully guide them to resolve their own conflicts.