SEL 3A: Social Awareness; Perspectives


(11-12) Differentiate between the factual and emotional content of what a person says. Express empathy toward others and learn from the perspectives of others.

Forum Post: Segment 6 Diversity and Conflict Resolution


(K-2) Recognize feelings and perspectives of others and the impact of their words and actions.

(3-5) Use listening skills to identify perspectives of others and the impact of their words and actions

Elementary Strategies:

CARE: (from Unselfie)

1. Call attention to uncaring behaviors. When you see one of your students misbehaving, don't just call attention to the behavior...explain why it is wrong.

2. Assess how the behavior impacted others. A simple "how would you feel if..." will achieve that result.

3. Repair the hurt. Often once kids understand the perspective of the injured party, they will want to repair the damage their words have caused. Help guide them to find the right words to apologize.

4. Express disappointment and stress caring expectations. It is very important to let the student know that they can do better. It is ok to reiterate that the behavior doesn't fit with the expectations of the school.

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