SEL 2B: Self-management; Integrity/Regrets


(11-12) Demonstrates knowledge of the importance of honesty and integrity and acts as such. Evaluates correlation between words and actions.

Forum Post: Segment Four Ethical Approaches


SEL: 3D: Social Awareness, cues and responses

(K-5) Understand the importance of and demonstrate respect for each other and personal space; appropriately engage in play with others.

Elementary Strategies:

Often times we look at mistakes through the lens of expectations we have on ourselves. We are inclined to forgive others for their mistakes much faster than we are willing to forgive ourselves. Part of understanding regret is understanding yourself. As a human being your have the privilege to mess up, and a responsibility to learn from your mistakes. Make the mistake, issue the apology if that mistake hurt someone, and give yourself enough credit to realize that you are worthy of forgiveness (from yourself and from others).

In the last lesson, you learned about the "gaps" between words and actions. Here, the lesson is how to process actions that you may regret. What steps do we take in rectifying a mistake? In the younger grades (K-2) you will see that the kids tend to lead with their ego; their development creates an atmosphere where they are focused on how others caused them to make mistakes. When you see this, point it out as a teachable moment. Go back through the actions that led to the conflict and have the child recognize and accept the missteps as a part of learning. In the older grades, the kids will developmentally be able to separate their actions and the impact those actions have. They will process the conflict and mistakes and see how their decisions played a role, but still will need help (as we all do) working through why it's ok to mess up and what they might* do differently next time.

That is how regret becomes learning. If you regret nothing, you love nothing...including yourself.

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