SEL 2A: Self-management, Emotions and Behavior (Resiliency)


(11-12) Demonstrate the ability to re-frame difficult situations into opportunities that promote resilience and optimism. Incorporate personal management skills.

Forum Post: Segment 5 Goal Setting and Growth


(K-2) Practice using words to share their feelings in an interaction or situation rather than physically or aggressively expressing feelings.

(3-5) Respond effectively to pressure situations and express emotions in an effective manner.

Elementary Strategies:

Role play! Kids love to act. Something I do with my own children (when I know a situation may be uncomfortable for them) is act out what to do. For example, if they are meeting new friends, we practice looking in the eye when we speak, shaking hands, and asking people how they are doing. If we just tell the kids to do this, they forget and lean on us for guidance. If we practice before hand, they have the confidence to handle the new situations themselves.

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