SEL 2A: Self-management; Emotions and Behavior (Optimism)


(11-12) Demonstrates the ability to reframe difficult situations into opportunities that promote resiliency and optimism. Incorporate personal management skills.

Forum Post: Segment 5, Goal setting and growth


(K-2) Practice using words to share their feelings about an interaction or situation rather than physically or aggressively expressing feelings.

(3-5) Respond effectively to pressure situations and express emotions in an effective manner

Elementary Strategies:

When you are reading with the kids, or even just interacting with them on the playground, kids tend to be story tellers. They like to focus on one page, and if you pay attention you will notice that they make observations about what you are reading. They know how to identify emotions and look for the underlying story.

Working on fluency passages is no different then a playground scuffle. Ask them to stop and think, count to ten, and name the emotions that they are working through.

Don't fill in the words for them, let them find them on their own. Once they know the story they are working through, they are better able (with your guidance) to formulate a solution.

See student SEL handbook "Emotion Speak" for more suggesions!

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