SEL 2A: Self-management; Emotions and Behavior (Gratitude)


(11-12) Demonstrates the ability to re-frame difficult situations into opportunities that promote resiliency and optimism. Incorporate personal management skills.

Forum Post: Segment 5 Goal Setting and Growth


(K-2) Practice using words to share their feelings about an interaction or situation rather than physically or aggressively expressing feelings.

(3-5) Respond effectively to pressure situations and express emotions in an effective manner

Elementary Strategies:

Kids need to PRACTICE these feelings just like you or I would. In class, we work through reactions we have had to certain situations as well as how (while understanding that hindsight is 20/20) we may have done it better if given another chance. When you see the opportunity arise to help a student work through pressure situations, give them "gratitude words" to re-frame the situation. The key to this working is to give them an opportunity to feel the emotions in real time as they arise, and then help them to re-frame. Since you are an outsider (and someone they admire) they will with time be able to approach these situations with the memory of process you led them through.

1. Let the student vent about the situation at hand in a private setting (if there is another student involved) to feel the emotions in real time.

2. Express empathy with how they feel, and if you have experienced a similar situation share it. This will help them feel less isolated.

3. Give the student a different lens (an empathy lens) to see the situation as not so dire. Help them to find helpful words to get their point across. Remember, they are trying to get a need met...the first way may not work. Ask them what they need and give them the vocabulary to achieve what they are looking for.

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