SEL 1C: Self-awareness; external supports


(11-12) Access safety networks to support self and others.

Forum Post Segment Three:

What are boundaries? What is integrity? How can we self-protect when things are hard for others? Knowing the resources that are available to help people who are in need takes the pressure off of you and allows you to act with compassion without burning out.


(K-2) Identify situations in which they need help from an adult

(3-5) Recognize qualities of positive role models in their lives

Elementary Strategies:

It's easy to forget that the view we have on the world is based on your experiences. Our conceptual lens makes it so that we assume that everyone in our lives has a similar upbringing. Because of this, when people act in ways that are out of social norms, we assume they are "mean" or "rude" without an understanding of their experiences.

To help students understand perspective, ask them about someone they trust. Work with them in helping to understand why they trust this person and what qualities make this person trustworthy.